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What is Tactical Management?

What is tactical management? It represents a disciplined approach to long-term investing. Rather than picking individual stocks and focusing on the fundamentals of a particular company, or a particular person’s opinion, our strategy relies on technical analysis…

This is a philosophy focused on the relative strength, or momentum, of a particular sector vs. it’s potential peers.

It is the economic principle of supply and demand brought to investment decisions. Rather than owning the entire S&P 500, at any given time, there are segments of it that have fallen out of favor. The demand for them is lower, so the price tends to drop accordingly. On the other hand there are sectors of the market with rapidly rising demand, and a corresponding raise in market price. While no one can predict the future, we know that keeping emotion out of investment decisions, and staying disciplined, can lead to a successful outcome.

By purchasing after signs of strength have been established, and selling once signs of weakness are apparent, by adapting efficiently and

responsibly to the changing long-term trends and opportunities of the market… We develop a truly tactical approach to index-based investing:

Our Tactical Sector strategy.