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Financial Planning

Solid Groundwork For A Secure Future

The power to plan your financial future. Sounds simple, but it can be complicated and time consuming. You need a partner with experience and knowledge to help you make smart decisions. That’s where The SKG Team comes in. We function as a “Personal CFO”, giving you crucial information and insight, developing a plan that makes sense, and helping to respond to shifts in the economic environment. We create customized solutions that take into account the full spectrum of where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

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Young Families

Home buying, children’s college tuition, managing loan payments. We help you balance cash flow and savings so that you can enjoy today and also plan for what’s ahead. Approaching retirement We spend our careers turning our income into an asset. When we retire we spend the rest of our lives turning those assets into income. Only we don’t know the answers to two key data points: What will our investment returns be? Exactly how long do we need that income for?

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Business Executives

Your time is at a premium. Balancing your personal priorities and career objectives is no easy feat. Just like you delegate at work, delegating your personal financial planning can free up some of that time. We create a plan to minimize risk and taxation, quantify retirement and provide you with quality advice on important financial matters so that you can make the key decisions with efficiency.

Change in Marital Status

Waiting to bring in a financial planner during a divorce can be an expensive mistake. We understand this is a difficult time. We serve as your trusted partner to make important decisions, and to protect and preserve your wealth. Collaborating with your legal team, we create a unified plan that puts you on steady ground.

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