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Our Approach

For many years the concept of a financial plan was thought of as a noun.  It was a process that resulted in a large, physical document filled with graphs and charts with data that often proved to be inaccurate as soon as the next day’s stock market open.  The advice and recommendations inside of it lost value and relevance as life changed and time passed.

Our team believes that financial planning is a verb. 

It is an ongoing process designed to provide timely advice as your life changes and evolves.  You should view your financial planner as your family’s “Personal CFO”.  A professional consultant who understands not only the details of your financial world but also your priorities and the goals that inspire you.  A planner who knows who and what you love the most as well as your worries and concerns. 

We use your data and software and expertise to provide you timely advice so that you can make smart decisions.  We model scenarios, what-if’s, potential outcomes so that you can plan proactively rather than reactively.

It is about an ongoing relationship that strengthens and deepens in quality over time with mutual accountability.

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