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Habits Effective Leaders Use

| June 11, 2020

Leaders all have their own habits that help them conduct a successful day of work. These habits vary widely, but they are all useful in their own way. To help yourself be the most productive and effective leader possible, try incorporating some of these habits into your daily or weekly routine.

 Read Nonfiction

People’s opinions on nonfiction books usually fall into one of two camps. Either they believe all of them are dry and boring, or they think of nonfiction as scammy self-help books. However, nonfiction can range from autobiographies to management advice to exercise tips. Whatever you choose to read, try incorporating a little more nonfiction into your week. Even books that seem to hold little value for your life may hold a piece of wisdom that you did not expect.

 Get Active

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your health. People who exercise tend to have better health than those who don’t, and exercising can lead to a long life. Exercise also helps our minds to stay positive (through the release of endorphins), as well as remain focused, as the energy stored in the body is released naturally. By exercising in the morning, you can wake up feeling refreshed. Or, if you would rather exercise during your lunch break, you can keep the afternoon drowsiness at bay.

 Self Journaling

Journaling conjures an image for some people of a young person writing in a diary. However, journaling can be a smart way to keep track of your daily mood, energy levels, activities, to-dos, and even those small bits of inspiration that we stumble upon at the strangest of times. Journaling about yourself does not mean you have to write down what you ate for breakfast and how it made you feel, but you can certainly do so if it is helpful. Start tracking different aspects of your life to see how they intertwine and affect your day. Journaling can also be one of the best ways to reflect on your life and improve the parts of yourself that you need to work on.


People who use these habits will surely see an improvement in their mental and physical wellbeing. Nonfiction can help you learn from the lives of others. Exercising will keep you physically fit. Journaling can reset your mind and help you move forward in a positive direction. Becoming the best leader you can be does not happen overnight, but with these habits, you would be well on your way to that goal.



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