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Why We're Different

Why SKG?

Why SKG?

We are not a “set it and forget it” type of firm. Our philosophy holds that financial planning is an ongoing process that constantly adjusts to reflect your changing circumstances, needs, and goals.

If you start planning for your financial future early enough (and we hope you are), you may not have a clear picture in your mind of exactly where you want to be 10, 20, or 30 years from now. And that’s okay. We believe your financial plan should be flexible to all the changes in your life. As you gain more clarity in your vision and what you’ll need to achieve that vision, we update your financial plan and strategies to help you reach those goals.

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To ensure you’re getting the advice you need, we have nine first-rate financial advisors on our team, each with varying specialties to assist your particular circumstances. Our firm consists of transition solution specialists that guide individuals going through job changes or entering retirement. In addition, we have advisors specialized in specific fields, including special needs financial planning, business planning and exit strategies, financial literacy, education planning, and more.

When you work with us, you’ll be partnered with a planner who will be your trusted expert. When you experience change, you can rest assured that your planner has a team of specialists behind them who are ready to help with whatever you need.

We also have a dedicated support team of 17 individuals whom each have specific roles that cater to your needs. This means that your questions and concerns are answered quickly or forwarded to the right person on our planning team. No more waiting for days or weeks to have your questions answered—we are committed to our quick turnaround time and the apparent benefits of our clients.

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Our Technology

Our Technology

The technology we use allows us to create financial plans that are flexible to your changing circumstances. You will have access to our online financial planning software, where you can see all your information in one place and model different scenarios and assumptions the moment they arise.

We are pleased to announce that in Spring of 2021, we will be implementing a new technology for our clients called Advisor360°®. This software is a robust financial planning tool that will make it easy for us to create and download customized reports, organize documents, track performance data, and even make trades.

Advisor360°® aligns with our goal-based planning philosophy and supports accessible communication between you and your team – allowing you to even text us directly through this program!

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