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Enrollment Period: August 1st - September 15th

MetLife: Supplemental Term Life Rates

Plan Effective Date: October 1, 2020 

For all active, full-time employees working at least 30 hours per week

Build Your Benefit: With MetLife's Supplemental Term Life Insurance, your employer gives you the opportunity to buy valuable life insurance coverage for yourself, your spouse, and your dependent children -- all at affordable group rates.

Life Coverage: provides a benefit
in the event of death
Increments of $10,000Increments of $5,000Increments of $5,000
Non-Medical Maximum$250,000$25,000$10,000
Overall Maximum BenefitThe lesser of 5 times your basic
annual earnings, or $500,000
AD&D Coverage:
Provides a benefit in the event
of death or dismemberment resulting
from a covered accident
Yes (benefit amount is same
as Supplemental Term Life coverage)
Yes (benefit amount is same
as Supplemental Term Life coverage)
Yes (benefit amount is same
as Supplemental Term Life coverage)
AD&D MaximumMaximum amount is same as
Supplemental Term Life Coverage
Maximum amount is same as
Supplemental Term Life Coverage
Maximum amount is same as
Supplemental Term Life Coverage
Employee Contribution100%100%100%

Any purchase or increase in benefits, which does not take place within 31 days of employee's or dependent's eligibility effective date is subject to evidence of insurability. Coverage is subject to the approval of MetLife.

To request coverage:
1. Choose the amount of employee coverage that you want to buy.
2. Look up the premium costs for your age group for the coverage amount you are selecting on the chart below.
3. Choose the amount of coverage you want to buy for your spouse. Again, find the premium costs on the chart below. Note: Premiums are based on your age, not the age of your spouse.
4. Choose the amount of coverage you want to buy for your dependent children. The premium costs for each coverage option are shown below.
5. Fill in the enrollment form with the amount of coverage you are selecting. Remember, you must purchase coverage for yourself in order to purchase coverage for your spouse or children.

Monthly Premium for: Employee Coverage

Under 30 $0.06$0.60$1.20$2.40$3.00$6.00
30-34 $0.08$0.80$1.60$3.20$4.00$8.00
35-39 $0.09$0.90$1.80$3.90$4.50$9.00
40-44 $0.117$1.17$2.34$4.68$5.85$11.70
45-49 $0.179$1.79$3.58$7.16$8.95$17.90
50-54 $0.273$2.73$5.46$10.92$13.65$27.30
55-59 $0.448$4.48$8.96$17.92$22.40$44.80
60-64 $0.684$6.84$13.68$27.36$34.20$68.40
65-69 $1.271$12.71$25.42$50.84$63.55$127.10
70+ $2.178$21.78$43.56$87.12$108.90$217.80

Monthly Premium for: Spousal Coverage

Under 30 $0.068$0.68$1.36$2.72$3.40$6.80
30-34 $0.089$0.89$1.78$3.56$4.45$8.90
35-39 $0.107$1.07$2.14$4.28$5.35$10.70
40-44 $0.146$1.46$2.92$5.84$7.30$14.60
45-49 $0.215$2.15$4.30$8.60$10.75$21.50
50-54 $0.341$3.41$6.82$13.64$17.05$34.10
55-59 $0.619$6.19$12.38$24.76$30.95$61.90
60-64 $1.183$11.83$23.66$47.32$59.15$118.30
65-69 $1.987$19.87$39.74$79.48$99.35$198.70
70+ $3.691$36.91$73.82$147.64$184.55$369.10
Child $0.150$1.50$3.00$6.00$7.50$15.00

Features Available with Supplemental Life
Grief Counseling: You, your dependents, and your beneficiaries access to grief counseling sessions and funeral related concierge services to help cope with a loss – at no extra cost. Grief counseling services provide confidential and professional support during a difficult time to help address personal and funeral planning needs. At your time of need, you and your dependents have 24/7 access to a work/life counselor. You simply call a dedicated 24/7 toll-free number to speak with a licensed professional experienced in helping individuals who have suffered a loss. Sessions can either take place in-person or by phone. You can have up to five face-to-face grief counseling sessions per event to discuss any situation you perceive as a major loss, including but not limited to death, bankruptcy, divorce, terminal illness, or losing a pet.3 In addition, you have access to funeral assistance for locating funeral homes and cemetery options, obtaining funeral cost estimates and comparisons, and more. You can access these services by calling 1-1-888-319-7819 or log on to (Username: metlifeassist; Password: support).

Funeral Discounts and Planning Services: As a MetLife group life policyholder, you and your family may have access to funeral discounts, planning and support to help honor a loved one’s life - at no additional cost to you. Dignity Memorial provides you and your loved ones access to discounts of up to 10% off of funeral, cremation and cemetery services through the largest network of funeral homes and cemeteries in the United States.
When using a Dignity Memorial Network you have access to convenient planning services - either online at, by phone (1-866-853-0954), or by paper - to help make final wishes easier to manage. You also have access to assistance from compassionate funeral planning experts to help guide you and your family in making confident decisions when planning ahead as well as bereavement travel services - available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - to assist with time-sensitive travel arrangements to be with loved ones.

Will Preparation:Like life insurance, a carefully prepared Will is important. With a Will, you can define your most important decisions such as who will care for your children or inherit your property. By enrolling for Supplemental Term Life coverage, you will have in person access to Hyatt Legal Plans' network of 14,000+ participating attorneys for preparing or updating a will, living will and power of attorney. When you enroll in this plan, you may take advantage of this benefit at no additional cost to you if you use a participating plan attorney. To obtain the legal plan's toll-free number and your company's group access number, contact your employer or your plan administrator for this information.

MetLife Estate Resolution Services (ERS) :is a valuable service offered under the group policy. A Hyatt Legal Plan attorney will consult with your beneficiaries by telephone or in person regarding the probate process for your estate. The attorney will also handle the probate of your estate for your executor or administrator.. This can help alleviate the financial and administrative burden upon your loved ones in their time of need.

Portability: If your present employment ends, you can choose to continue your current life benefits.

What is Not Covered?
Like most insurance plans, this plan has exclusions. Supplemental and Dependent Life Insurance do not provide payment of benefits for death caused by suicide within the first two years (one year in North Dakota) of the effective date of the certificate, or payment of increased benefits for death caused by suicide within two years (one year in North Dakota or Colorado) of an increase in coverage. In addition, a reduction schedule may apply. Please see your benefits administrator or certificate for specific details.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance does not include payment for any loss which is caused by or contributed to by: physical or mental illness, diagnosis of or treatment of the illness; an infection, unless caused by an external wound accidentally sustained; suicide or attempted suicide; injuring oneself on purpose; the voluntary intake or use by any means of any drug, medication or sedative, unless taken as prescribed by a doctor or an over-the-counter drug taken as directed; voluntary intake of alcohol in combination with any drug, medication or sedative; war, whether declared or undeclared, or act of war, insurrection, rebellion or riot; committing or trying to commit a felony; any poison, fumes or gas, voluntarily taken, administered or absorbed; service in the armed forces of any country or international authority, except the United States National Guard; operating, learning to operate, or serving as a member of a crew of an aircraft; while in any aircraft for the purpose of descent from such aircraft while in flight (except for self preservation); or operating a vehicle or device while intoxicated as defined by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs.

Life and AD&D coverages are provided under a group insurance policy (Policy Form GPNP99 or G2130-S) issued to your employer by MetLife. Life and AD&D coverages under your employer’s plan terminates when your employment ceases, when your Life and AD&D contributions cease, or upon termination of the group insurance policy. Dependent Life coverage will terminate when a dependent no longer qualifies as a dependent. Should your life insurance coverage terminate for reasons other than non-payment of premium, you may convert it to a MetLife individual permanent policy without providing medical evidence of insurability.

This summary provides an overview of your plan’s benefits. These benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract between MetLife and your employer and are subject to each state’s laws and availability. Specific details regarding these provisions can be found in the certificate.

If you have additional questions regarding the Life Insurance program underwritten by MetLife, please contact your benefits administrator or MetLife. Like most group life insurance policies, MetLife group policies contain exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions for keeping them in force. Please see your certificate for complete details.